Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Replacement YouTube Wednesday (Previous Post's Video Removed)

Whoops, it appears the video from my post earlier today has been taken down by YouTube. Until I find a replacement for it (I may not be able to), I'll entertain you with John Oliver's Last Week Tonight from Sunday... 

Hopefully this one works *fingers crossed*


  1. Thank goodness we have John Oliver.

  2. Never heard of him...This should happen a lot sooner of Trump President.

  3. I couldn’t play it but I will go to YouTube to find it

  4. Hi Liz - always good to see different points of view - I've heard of John Oliver - but the video doesn't show here ... in the meantime - take care - Hilary

  5. Have loved John Oliver since he was on the Daily Show years ago, but we discontinued HBO several years ago. Miss him. He offers some amazing social commentary from the point of view of a comedian who is a naturalized United States citizen, meaning he looks at us from a differing angle. (I do know people who are turned, off, though, by his frequent use of profanity. That is normal part of his commentary). Husband and I watched this video together.

    1. I don't get HBO either, but I learned that on Mondays he has posted a good portion of his show on YouTube, so I get a taste. The profanity can get a bit much sometimes, but it's usually balanced with a good joke, so I stick with it.

    2. This is something similar to Hasan Minhaj in Patriot Act? I have never understood why they have to use expletives!

  6. Seeing John Oliver for the first time. I don't get HBO on my TV.
    As we know, realistically, only a Utopian society can ever not have a police force.
    I saw that clip of the Houston police chief saying in the Christiane Amanpour show on CNN about police winning hearts and minds and not about dominating.
    It involves a huge change in mindset. I am sure that will happen one day.


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