Thursday, June 11, 2020

Barely Made It

It was Monday, June 1st. I needed to go grocery shopping. I had debated going on Friday. However, I knew I would need to go to the post office Monday (the shark wasn't quite ready to be mailed off on Friday), and I decided to combine both errands into one trip out. 

Little did I know on Friday that protests over the weekend were going to impact that decision. 

A protest happened that Sunday in my city. That night the news covered the looting happening downtown. 

When I awoke on Monday, I saw alerts of a curfew. But I didn't get ready and go out for my errands until about noon. 

That should have been plenty of time. I made it to the post office. No issues. I did a couple other things. Then I headed for store. 

As has been normal, there was a line outside. But there was a line outside. The night before, there had been word on Facebook that various grocery stores in the area had been hit by the looting. I wasn't sure if I would be able to grocery shop. Apparently, I would be. 

I had been in line for a couple minutes when one of the workers came out to inform us that by order of the mayor, the store was closing at 1 PM. But those of us in line were going to be allowed in. (I was fourth or fifth in the line.) 

I thought that it was just about 1 PM when I got there, but I guess it was more like 12:50. I made it in, got my groceries selected and purchased, and was on my way by 1:10. (I needed things like milk and eggs, and I can generally get done shopping fairly quickly.) 

I felt very fortunate. Somehow, I timed that just right. 

After the initial looting, the protests that have continued pretty much daily in the city have been largely peaceful. We had curfews Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (I think), but then those stopped. 

I do not like living in interesting times. But other than that, I support the protests. I hope they bring about the change we so desperately need.


  1. Replies
    1. Probably way too quickly and without enough change...

  2. It's been relatively quiet around here. No looting or anything. I thought the curfew they enacted was bull, though.

  3. I support peaceful protests. One o'clock is an early curfew! But glad to hear things calmed down and no curfew now for you guys. Ours got lifted last Monday at 5 a.m.


  4. Protests are fine as long as they are peaceful. Violence doesn't solve anything.

    Glad you were able to get your shopping done.

  5. Gee, I knew there had been curfews, but I assumed something like 4pm. 1pm seems so very early, wow! Glad you got your errands successfully run.

  6. Good thing you left and made it home.

    We live in desparate times.

    1. I like to think they're hopeful. Change can be painful, but where we end up is likely to be worth it.

  7. Hi Liz - I have to get a mask ... but think I'll be free of protests down here - I admire them for standing up to their cause - as long as they're peaceful. Take care - Hilary

  8. There's actually been some protests up where I live, too. I don't think the looters or rioters are really part of the protesting. They're just jerks who want to take advantage of the situation.

    1. Agreed. Alas, they distract from the message.

  9. Close call there, Liz. I'm not fast anymore so I don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The looters and rioters seemed to have disappeared when Trump began talking about sending out the military. In a make-believe story, that would that have been a cue to some to retreat to the hills.


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