Saturday, June 13, 2020

Crocheted Lip Balm Clips

A long time ago, I set about making a clip to attach my lip balm to a belt loop. I can't recall if it was due to a lack of pockets or if I was looking to attach it to my work lanyard. 

In the end, I did manage to come up with one, and since then I have made dozens of them. (I wish that was an exaggeration. I've probably made a couple hundred at this point.) 

Of course I have made many for sale. They can be found at my Etsy shop, Zizi Rho Designs, under the section Stick Lip Balm Cozies

But if you'd rather make one yourself, the instructions follow: 

This holder is crocheted using Caron Simply Soft Yarn on a size G hook. The other things you'll need are a 23 mm lobster claw clasp (adjust size if using a different weight of yarn), a tapestry needle, and a stitch marker. I'm not sure how much yarn this takes to make, but it isn't much at all, so I'd suggest you go into your stash for the yarn rather than buying new.

I'm using the usual abbreviations--sc=single crochet; sl st=slip stitch; ch=chain

Gauge: 17 sc and 18 rows over 4 inches
This is one of those projects that is so small that making a gauge swatch is kind of silly. What I suggest is that you keep your lip balm on hand and try it out. If it won't fit, add a stitch to the first round. If it's very loose (there should be a little ease, but not so much that it'll fall out), subtract a stitch from the first round.  

This is worked in a spiral, so make sure to mark the beginning of each round as you pass it. It's very easy to lose track if you don't mark it. (Not that I have any experience with that...) 

The Pattern:

Ch 3. Sl st into the first chain, making a loop.
Round 1: Work 9 sc into the ch 3 loop. 
Rounds 2-9: Work 1 sc into each stitch around. 
Round 10: Work the same as for rounds 2-9, except at stitch 2 (or any preferred stitch): 

Take the hook out of the loop, pull the loop to make it bigger, and slide the clasp (open part facing down) over the whole stitch. Then replace the hook in the loop, tighten the loop back on the hook (with the clasp tight against the previous stitch, and continue to work 1 sc into each stitch around. 

Round 11: Work the same as for rounds 2-9. At the stitch that the clasp is attached to, push the clasp out of the way, and work 1 sc into that stitch. 

Finishing: Cut yarn. Draw the yarn all the way through the loop. Then put that yarn on the tapestry needle, and loop the yarn around the base of the next sc and up and through the top of the final sc. If you've never done this before, here's a great video showing exactly what I'm talking about (if it doesn't work, try searching "crochet seamless join in the round"):

Wind in ends. The lip balm should fit snugly inside, but not so snugly it's hard to get into the cozy.


  1. They are cool looking!


  2. Great use. Gets lost in my purse.

  3. It been a while since I worked with yarn

  4. Another thing to add to my pile of crochet-to-do.

    Not sure what a landing page is for pinterest? Is that so the images on pinterest have a webpage link to them? HOpe it is a success.

  5. That is a perfect holder for the balm.

  6. I'm wondering if there is any market for cases for those small bottles of hand sanitizer. New York State has manufactured zillions of 2 oz hand sanitizer bottles and is giving them out to riders of New York City mass transit. Just a thought, if you have the spare time. I could see, though, that these small bottles (Purell, NYS and others) may not all be shaped the same.

    1. That's the issue, the shape. It's doable, of course.

  7. I have trouble keeping up with my lip stuff so that is cool. Mine can always be found at the bottom of my purse..

  8. Best wishes on the Etsy experiment! You're so talented.

  9. Here's hoping that your Etsy experiment is a big success. I've gotten 7 wonderful things on Etsy--six are matching cushion covers for dining room chair cushions that had gotten really grubby-looking. The Etsy covers come with zippers and are washable. I'm glad I didn't go with Plan A, which was to make them myself. The 7th item is a lovely bolster cover that came from Turkey. YAY for Etsy.

    1. Oh yes, I've gotten many things from various sellers, too. I like buying from smaller sellers.

  10. That's a great marketing plan, Liz. It's nice of you to give the instructions so people can choose to do it themselves.


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