Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Breakup

Student leadership/government is usually a chaotic class. It's one of those days that I try to roll with it.

Third period. Treyvon strolled in a good ten minutes into the period. He was not enrolled in that class. Normally, I'd shoo the kiddos out, but this was the kind of class the kiddos hang out in when their normal class is doing nothing or they've finished their work.

Treyvon told a group about his recent breakup.

He explained that he had too much going on. He's a junior (eleventh grade/sixteen years old), so that tracks. And it sounded like he initiated the breakup, so he wasn't terribly upset. Not terribly.

Fourth period began, and shortly thereafter Treyvon returned. I questioned his presence (again!), and he explained his math teacher was "chill". (I've met the man. I even wrote about him here. It's an apt description.)

Again, he was all about his breakup. But, this period I heard some new details. He felt she was getting too serious. She was talking about weddings and having children. Treyvon felt those discussions were way too soon. (Remember, they're sixteen.)

Catherine pointed out that girls like to think of their weddings and that she had planned hers when she was eight.

But it turned out that there was something Treyvon was actually upset about. His ex had his jacket and he wanted it back.

(It's been cold here in southern California.)

That was the main complaint for two periods: how could he get his jacket back?

Catherine mentioned that at her last breakup, some of her ex's stuff got burned...

I mentioned that perhaps he should have retrieved the jacket before breaking up.

This is probably a good learning opportunity for him. Next time he'll know.


  1. Replies
    1. I think we all need to go through it at some point.

  2. I'm assuming you mean cold for southern California rather than actually cold.

  3. Ah, young love. :) Hope he gets the jacket back in one piece.

  4. It's all so intense at 16 isn't it? At least he acknowledged 16 was too young for serious.

  5. Marriage? I was so not thinking that at 16.

    He can always go to her house and politely request his jacket back. If her parents are there, I'm sure they'd give it back.

  6. Let's hope he doesn't get the jacket back in multiple pieces!


  7. You ladies are cruel. Guys would never burn an ex's things. Sounds like a misdemeanor to me.

  8. You absolutely have to get your belongings back before lowering the boom.

  9. I sure hope I didn't act that way. I honestly don't beleive I was cruel

  10. Dang. Hope it wasn't a nice jacket... and if it was, hope it doesn't generate too much smoke when she's burning it.

    I suppose it depends on what the girl was like. I never had a boyfriend in high school (certified art class and drama geek that everyone knew but nobody wanted to actually date), but I think I wouldn't have been very dramatic about it. Then again, the only break-up I've been through was me telling a guy "you deserve a woman who will respect you... and I am not that woman."

    1. It sounds like she might be the vindictive type, but then again, I've probably met her in another class, so I might have had a better idea if I knew who his ex was.


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