Monday, December 23, 2019

With a Twist in It

Last week, I showed how badly the colors were lining up in the moebius scarf I was crocheting.

Since then, I've frogged this and completed the second try...

How did I get this done so fast? Bulky weight yarn on a 10 mm (N) hook. It's amazing how quickly that works up (especially compared to the infinity scarves that I was working on for a year).

Once I realized that the star stitch wasn't lining up as I'd like and that it was pulling the fabric in so much, I switched over to the shell stitch. The shell stitch did none of those things, although I'm not 100% pleased with how the colors lined up.

It's hard to tell from these pictures, but it is a moebius, meaning it has one side and one edge. That's accomplished by putting a twist in it...

I'm thinking I like this so much, I might have to make a couple for my Etsy shop. In January, most likely.

As for the pooling...

I'm not sure if I like that big swath of blue at the bottom. One side of me likes that sections have one color or another in majority. The other side wishes each round was a different color. Sigh.

But it is warm. And I do mostly like it. Besides, it's finished in time for Christmas. Hooray!


  1. I love that blue so I think it is just right. It looks like it would be warm and glad you like it..mostly. Birgit here by the way

    1. This was more along the lines of what I wanted it to be.

  2. Finished is good. Finished is always good!

  3. I do like it! And definitely a win if it got done before Christmas!


  4. It really came out nice! I think the colors look great. We're all our own worsts critics, right?

  5. Yes, always use bulky yarn on deadline ;)

  6. Oh that is pretty.It looks so nice in those colors.

  7. If you are anything like me, what you really l feel about it will tell by how often you chose it to wear, or pass over it for something else.


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