Thursday, December 12, 2019

Passing a Note in Class

I had been warned about sixth period...

Sixth period is the last class of the day, and they're a different breed. There's something about that group. They're either the worst class of the day, or they're a bit odd.

Seventh grade world history. They were studying Japan. They had a quick PowerPoint followed by taking notes out of their textbooks.

The other classes had worked quietly. Not them. But, they were working, so it could have been so much worse.

Before all this, as they were arriving, I noticed that someone from the previous class had left behind a pencil pouch. Before I could retrieve it, another student picked it up. (Later I found out they'd put it in the class' lost & found. Middle school students are constantly leaving things behind.)

Then a girl started "sharing" sticky notes. Did these sticky notes come out of that pencil pouch? (No, they didn't.) Why do the kiddos need sticky notes? This is the sort of thing that can go sideways, so I kept an eye on that while I got class started.

And then I heard rumblings about someone passing a note...

Students passing notes in class hasn't been an issue for years. Nowadays, they just text.

I informed the class of my passing notes response. A passed note gets photographed and posted to Instagram. (Well, it wasn't Instagram before--I just posted them here on the blog, like here and here--but with Instagram, it's a better threat.)

So, I went through the PowerPoint, and I got them started on their notes. I had taken roll, and I was settling in, when I noticed the kiddos distracted by something.

"Just pass it."

"What is it?"

"I want to see it."

And now it's a distraction. And now it's mine.

They readily gave up the note. Here it is...

Sigh. I can't really object to the note. (Usually they're juicier.) But it did cause a classroom distraction...

It makes sense that sixth period would pass something like this.


  1. Sigh...such a good thought, but so disruptive.

  2. LOL....very cool actually. They have a creative spirit it seems. Did you give it back to them, so they could continue to pass it on...outside class? Perhaps something like that with a date to see how long it goes would be a fun project.

    1. That is an idea. But no. They had work they needed to do.

  3. Wow! That made my day. :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. How surprisingly wholesome. I can't believe these are seventh graders.

  5. Did you post it on Instagram? It is a good note though!


  6. It is a good motivational note!

  7. I suppose if they're going to want to pass notes, that's the kind they should pass!

  8. When I past notes I'm not sure how I would of respond into today world with social media

  9. YEP...passing notes in class is a no no but this one is cool. I like that.

    1. I still took it away from them. Even a positive message can go so wrong, especially at that age.

  10. hahaha. Clever, they are. The suspicious in me wonders for a second if its code. hahaha

  11. Girl's handwriting. Did you know who started it? I wonder why that particular message. I'm betting something happened earlier...


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