Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fair Fun

Last week I went to the Orange County Fair...

There was lots of crazy food. Burgers with Krispy Kreme donuts as buns. Bacon covered pickles. Deep fried whatever. You know, the usual. As for me, I decided I just wanted a huge hot dog...

I'm boring that way.

We started off in the craft area. I've been contemplating making a shawl. I found some inspiration...

And someone really knows how to felt...

The first time I walked right by this frog purse. I only noticed it on my second pass...

We also perused the jewelry makers, the wood workers, and the visual arts. There were some talented artists and photographers judging by the works displayed.

Eventually we made it outside. (It wasn't the hottest day of the week that we went. It was probably the second hottest, however.)

I felt sorry for this pig...

She just kinda looks miserable. The sign behind her said she was due on July 30th (less than a week from when we went), so she's very pregnant. And it was hot. But by now she should be feeling a whole lot lighter.

Then we hit collections. Someone had taken selfies with a bunch of sports heroes. As I'm not a sports aficionado, none of the faces were familiar to me. Although I did like the autographs from the Star Wars stars.

In the same building were the plant displays. This one made me think of Pam...

Do you have any old shoes hanging around...?

And then we were on our way out...

I lucked out and didn't get sunburned. That's what happens when I remember the sunscreen. Yay!

When does your local area have a county fair? (LA County's fair is in September. [I live in LA County but I'm near the border with Orange County. OC's fair is closer.] We always hear about it because the commercials are brilliant.)


  1. Long Island has a fair in September. It’s held on the grounds of Old Bethpage Village, a living history museum, soyour ticket gives you access to the museum and the fair. We went a few years ago, I wasn’t impressed.

    Glad you had a good time. I feel sorry for that pig, though.

  2. You found some real treasures in the craft area. Lots of inspiration and you will have them on your Etsy site.

    Oh yes. The food court is absolutely obscene.

    1. Oh no, I won't be replicating any of that. Nothing screamed at me, "I need to have this!"

  3. Burgers with donuts as...

    What are they DOING to that poor food???

    Also, I'm guessing it's no fun to be hugely pregnant in the middle of summer, whether your a human or a pig.

  4. OC does put on a great fair! Only went to one of them back in roughly 2006 but it was lots of fun! We have our state fair in October when it cools down but I have yet to go to it. I like the exhibits you visited, the collections, the crafts. A brief walk through the animal pens. And who can resist fair food?

    Looked like a fun time!

    Your skin says thank you for remembering the sunscreen :)


  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! Our fair for this county comes right after Labor Day, however I am 3 doors down from the Wilson Co. Line and since it is the best one in TN, if I go, I go to that one. It comes in about a week. Not really up for doing it this yr. Thanks for the shout out on the blog...I have a glass colorful slipper in my garden but it is not a real one. I have seen work boots and heels used in gardens! HAHA...I guess if it can hold dirt and a plant, you can go for it.

    1. That's pretty much me and the OC Fair. I live in LA, but OC is a block away.

  6. I am totally in love with the frog purse!

    I'm not sure, but I think your county fair might equal our show. For us, the show is in February, but I've only been once since moving here. I used to go to the show every year when I was growing up - my Dad used to volunteer for a fundraising thing. I loved it. Checking out the pavilions and sideshow alley and getting a sample bag. Watching the displays in the main arena - I used to especially like the wood chopping and the dog trials. Brings back memories.

  7. County fairs are fun! Ours will be in October. I plan on entering more crafts stuff this year, which still need to be created. A couple years ago I made planters out of my old shoes. Some still have things growing.

  8. I do like a good Fair myself and like you I would be drawn to crafts and plants and then cakes and ice creams. In the UK they were planting up Wellington books at the Glastonbury festival which was fun too. Have a good week!
    Wren x

    1. The ice cream was expensive. Cheaper to get it outside the fair :)

  9. Pretty crafts here! Love the frog bag, and the one with felt. Sounds like you had fun!

  10. I think the fairs there are much better than the ones here! The ones here are mostly in September, but we almost never go. My dad managed to convince me when I was a kid that the rides aren't safe, and that the food isn't sanitary. I'm about 99% sure he just told us that to avoid the crowds and spending a lot of money, but I can't quite get past it.

    1. How many years has it been? Maybe you can convince yourself that things have gotten safer and cleaner over the years.


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