Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lacy Fingerless Gloves

For some strange reason, this seems to be my creative time of the year. Perhaps it's because I keep getting requests...

Right. So, my sister-in-law said something about lacy fingerless gloves. The kind that would have been at home in the '80s. It seemed like an interesting challenge, so I played with a design and made a few test runs...

(The lovely thing about test runs: I only need to make one.)

I had my SIL try them on, and the middle one fit the best. She selected the color she wanted, and I finally got them finished this weekend...

What do you think? Should I make up a pair to sell? Do you think anyone would buy?


  1. I love those kinds of gloves. They're great for New England in winter when it's cold and there's no heat in your place of employment. Or your office at home. It's been a very loooooooong winter.

    You should definitely make a pair to sell. I bet they'd do well.

  2. Nice! Those would be useful for when it's cold out, but you still want to use your touch phone. You should definitely make some for your store.


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