Monday, February 24, 2014

My Punishment

I get the distinct impression that the sub caller hates me.

Sure, she calls me. Frequently. I work just about every day. But how else do I explain this wake up call?

"Could you cover four opportunity?"


(Last week, Monday was a holiday. Otherwise, it would have been five days.)

What is opportunity? I think this conversation explains things:
Marcus: I used to be a good kid. It wasn't until I got sent to [alternative placement school] that I turned bad. I started hanging around with those guys. They're not bad guys, but it wasn't until I met them that I started tagging.
Me: Why did you get sent to [alternative placement school]?
Marcus: I brought a knife to school.
I've covered these kinds of classes many times before.

The class had four students. Each sat in a different corner of the room.

Oh well. At least they make for interesting blog posts...


  1. Did you say 'opportunity' or 'purgatory'?

    I wish I had had my blog when I was teaching. That would've been fun. All delinquents, all the time.

    Have fun this week.

  2. ...Maybe he just needed to cut his sandwich.

    Um, good luck.


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