Monday, February 3, 2014


It was a very detailed lesson plan. Five pages long. The teacher had left the class a lot to do with some very serious punishments for not doing so.

Then she listed four students and gave me classrooms to send them to.

Uh oh.

This is never a good sign. So, I was worried.

I got everything prepared. (Luckily, I had a first period prep to set up.) I wrote the assignment up on the board. I got the four students' assignments ready so I could just send them out (and not give them time to act up and rile up the class).

The class walked in. They were loud.

And... nothing else.

I expected rudeness. Disrespect.


They didn't make a lot of progress on their assignment, but they all had work out, and they at least made a pretense of working (as opposed to those who refuse to even pretend to do the assignment).

They remained in their seats. Their assigned seats. They didn't talk back to me.

Sure, I would have preferred if it was less loud. But considering all the things that could go wrong (throwing books, fights, etc), they were a pretty mellow group.

Some days I just luck out.


  1. With a lesson plan like that one, I would've expected rudeness and disrespect too. So glad you had the opposite!

  2. Maybe they just don't like the teacher :P.

  3. That might speak more to the teacher vs. you than your luck. Glad it wasn't horrid!

  4. Throwing books? Yikes. That sounds a little freaky. I'm glad there wasn't any scary stuff that happened.


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