Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Hate Videos

It's one of the simplest lesson plans, so I understand why teachers leave it. In fact, on this day the video was left because the class had started watching it the previous day (so I was just continuing where they left off).

But it was on VHS. Which meant that I had to rewind each period. Without a working counter on the VCR.

And then when I started the video, it wasn't where the class left off. So I had to rewind or fast forward, relying on the students to tell me when to let it play again.

I should mention that they were seventh graders. And they were a bit wound up. So, this didn't help settle them any.

Then we finally got going, and I spent every class shushing them. Because the video bored them. I found a girl scooting towards her friend. I got complaints that someone was pelting the students in the front row with projectiles.

I moved one boy because he was talking incessantly. And he argued with me for five minutes over having to move.

I used to prefer videos. Now I'd rather give them book work. But I do what the lesson plan says, so that meant a video.


Okay, okay. Whine over.

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  1. VHS? That almost sounds familiar. Is it some kind of primitive form of Blue Ray?

    Yeah, that doesn't sound like a simple to death with lesson plan, but it was probably easy for the teacher to make.


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