Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long Distance Travel

So, I had the Science Channel on in the background. Again. They were discussing relativity and time dilation. Then the distance to Alpha Centauri came up. And space travel.

My brain mashed those together and came up with this...

What if the only way we humans can travel to distant stars/planets is to lose our physical forms?

As is the intent of all my "what ifs?", feel free to interpret this in any way you choose.


  1. That makes me think, that other planets could have figured this out already. What if "ghosts" are the incorporeal forms of aliens?

  2. I hadn't come up with anything and then I saw JE's, and I like that one a LOT. That is incredible.

    It would I think be a letdown if that's the case: we could visit other planets but not truly LIVE there. So all our interstellar travels would be like watching a very realistic (but ultimately insubstantial) movie.

    Unless once there we were able to get new physical forms. Kind of like teleportation, only we grow a new body on the spot, in which case, that would be really, really great. Imagine if you could stand on Earth and teleport to Jupiter and the body you grow on Jupiter would be made of Jupiter-elements and be in a form that allows you to live on Jupiter.

    Kind of like Avatar only your actual body, behind, is gone, so now you are that thing, and if you want to go back to Earth you create a new body.


    1. I know. I hadn't thought of anything like JE's response. But that's the point of these. Let your mind go wherever you like with no limits by me.

  3. This theory may very well be. It's somewhat related to a concept in a novel I have in the works. Interesting scientific stuff, but it can be pretty brain twisting as well.

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