Friday, February 14, 2014


The special ed. freshman English class entered loudly. Chaotically. The bell rang, and they still hadn't gotten seated.

This tells me quite a lot about how the period is going to go.

I explained the assignment. It was a simple word search. (They had time to finish up the week's work first, so the word search was just to keep them busy if they were finished.) I passed it out.

"Can we work in groups?"

"What are these words?"

"This is too small."

The letters were printed in a smaller font, probably at about 12 point. So, yes, it was small. Too small?

They were not happy when I wouldn't let them work in groups. I did not even let them out of their assigned seats. They complained. Loudly.

How hard is a word search, really? Like they need help with this?

(I would have let them help each other, but it was already clear that the class would go insane if I gave them that sort of leeway.)

They had had a sub the previous day. Her comment: "This class needs to repeat kindergarten." A little harsh? Perhaps. But I saw her point.

(I still had to deal with three boys who could not remain seated. One got up and danced. Then there was the trash can basketball. Sigh.)


  1. Was it GOOD dancing?

    As always, I'm not sure how you do your job day in and day out without banging your head into a locker over and over.

    If it was me, I'd have complained about the word search because: boring.

    1. No, the dancing was just silly.

      Yes, the word search was boring. But I think the teacher knew her class. I have a feeling that if she gave me anything more challenging, they would have just refused to do it, and I would have had more trouble keeping them settled.


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