Tuesday, February 11, 2014


CAHSEE testing. It's actually one of my favorite gigs.

It was the first time the sophomores got to take the thing. Which meant every sophomore on campus was testing. Around 240 of them were testing in the gym. So, there were six of us subs to help proctor (along with an assistant principal and the counselors).

Each of us subs were assigned a station. We checked in about 40 students. At the end of the testing, we checked those same 40 students out.

The test is untimed, so there are always a few who take up to five hours.

All but one of my students had finished and checked out. The sub next to me got her final student checked out. She turned in her answer sheets to the assistant principal. The assistant principal released the sub.

There were three students left in the gym. One was mine.

He raised his hand...

I went over. He said he was finished. I checked (as is my responsibility) to make sure he had filled out everything. Name. Version number. Serial number. Questionnaire...

At the end of the test there's a 15 question thing asking the students how they studied, et al, as kind of a statistical thing I assume.

The boy hadn't filled out the questionnaire. I turned on my polite face and explained that he needed to finish that up before he could leave.

I swear, I put on my polite face. I did not growl at him. Even though I kind of wanted to.

He apologized for missing it. I assured him it was no big deal. He just had to finish it. Before he could go.

Before we both could go.

(It doesn't take more than a couple minutes.)

I mean, it's not like it was the end of the day or anything. I was getting to leave early. I could wait a couple more minutes...


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