Friday, September 24, 2010

Ye Old Cell Phone War

It was third period.  English class.  They were supposed to be finishing up a biographical essay.  Most of them were making a little progress.  Then I heard something fall to the floor.

I turned.  A boy's cell phone had fallen out of his pocket.  I don't confiscate cell phones that accidentally drop, but I do confiscate cell phones that are in use, so I watched as the boy picked up his cell phone.  He opened it.  He typed something.

I went over intending to confiscate the cell phone.  Clearly, the boy was now using it.

There was a girl sitting next to him.  She explained that he was just making sure that the cell phone hadn't broken when it fell.  I might have bought that excuse if the boy had only briefly looked at the cell phone.

"You never checked your cell phone when you were in high school?" the girl asked.

"No, I never did," I replied.

The girl was surprised.  She was sure that I had to by lying.  I must have glanced at my cell phone once or twice.

I was sure that someone would explain the situation.  I waited.  No one jumped in, so I explained.  I did not have a cell phone in high school.  No one had cell phones when I was in high school (except for maybe the ultra rich).

The boy then asked, "Did you have a pager?"

I walked away.  I didn't feel like explaining that pagers weren't in use by non-doctors when I was in high school.

So, of course, they won.  I forgot to confiscate the cell phone.

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