Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inside My School Bag

School has started.  I don't expect to work just yet as it's way too early in the year (last year was the exception).  However, it is time to go through my school bag and make sure it's ready for the school year.

I carry an L.L. Bean messenger bag.  Sure, it's a bit large, but I have to carry all my stuff with me, and this bag does the job.  It's larger than I need, so I have room for a jacket on the days when it's cold enough.  (I'll wear the jacket into school, but as soon as I get into class I'll be warm enough, so I take it off.  Then I don't need it when I leave campus, so it goes in the bag.)

The back pocket of the bag contains my name magnet and a place for my time sheet (the district is rather old school in that regard).  Note to self: it's time to make some new name magnets.

The rest of the bag has many useful pockets.  There's one for my cell phone, one where I can store my sunglasses and ID badge, and one where I keep my travel clock.  (I don't wear a watch, and some classrooms don't have clocks.  This way, I don't have to keep looking at my cell phone.)  I also have a pouch for my pens.  (I keep a couple dry erase markers in there as well.)

In the main compartment of the bag, there is a divider.  In the smaller portion of that divider, I keep files.  I have a file folder for blank paper (for me, not for lending).  I keep my note forms in another file.  I have a few sponge activities in another file (middle schoolers love chocolate math).  And I keep school maps and assembly schedules in another.

The big part of the main compartment of the bag?  That contains the most important stuff I carry with me.  I keep my water and my lunch in there.  Oh, and my jacket, when I need it.

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