Friday, September 3, 2010

My New Water Bottle

I bought a new water bottle yesterday.  It's stainless steel.  Here's hoping that this solves the problem.

I like my water cold.  I used to be in the habit of filling my water bottle half way, putting it in the freezer overnight, and filling it full before I left for school in the morning.  On a warm day the ice would fully melt by lunch.  I had cold water all day.

I say used to because I had a few issues with this habit last year.  First one bottle cracked.  I went out and bought a new one, but the second one only lasted a couple months.  (They were plastic, but the chemically safe plastic.)  Luckily, I caught that issue in the morning before I left for school (that bottle shattered in the freezer).

Since then, I've been using a bottle that has an insert that can be frozen.  This insert doesn't keep the water nearly as cold as freezing half the bottle did, and the bottle isn't nearly as large as the others, so I found that I was running out of water during the day.  Not good.

I've been looking for another option.

So, I'm going to attempt to use stainless steel.  I figure that the bottle won't shatter, but I'm not convinced that I won't have other issues.

I have seen what happens when a can of soda is frozen.  (It wasn't deliberate.)  Sure, that was soda in aluminum, but the issue is the same.  Water expands when frozen.  Metal is malleable, but after being bent too many times, metal also experiences fatigue.

I guess I'm conducting an experiment.  How long will this bottle last?  Or is there a better way to get cold water all day?

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  1. I just got insulated Klean Kanteens for me, heather and the kids. Keeps water COLD for a very long time.

    Is that what you got?

    If you got plan stainless bottle, get ready for it to sweat... alot.


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