Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Defense of Fun Fur

The other day, I was perusing the Ravelry forums when I happened upon another yarn hate topic.  These are common.  There are certain yarns that the average knitter just hates.  And most of the time, I agree with the prevailing sentiment.

The yarn under attack was Fun Fur.  For once, I was in the minority.  I like Fun Fur.

Of course, I don't make large projects from it.  Who would want a scarf made entirely of Fun Fur?  Ick.  But in small doses, it's a fun little novelty yarn.

I make lanyards from it.  I make earrings.  There was a cute toy made from the stuff at the Orange County Fair (if I ever find the pattern, I'm so making the thing).  So, it has its uses.

I guess I shouldn't mind too much.  More Fun Fur for me.  But if too many knitters hate the stuff, then they will discontinue it, and I won't be able to make fluffy earrings.

That would be terrible.  I love my fluffy earrings, and I haven't made them in all the colors I want.  I have to have a pair to match every outfit.

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