Friday, September 17, 2010

You Can't Win If You Don't Play

Today is Constitution Day.  I didn't know either.  But the school had an activity planned.

It was the second half of second period.  Over the PA, the office announced that we were having a scavenger hunt.  Each classroom was to appoint one runner.  They would ask a question, and each class would send the runner with the answer.  The winning class would win a pizza party.

It sounded like fun.  I asked for a volunteer to act as runner.

I had four students.  (It's a Friday.)  Not a one was willing to volunteer.  They weren't interested.  "We're not going to win anyway."

I thought that maybe after hearing the first question, I'd get someone interested.  One girl raised her hand.  She needed help with the math assignment.

At least the rest of the school had fun.  I could tell.  I could hear it all through our open door.


  1. Not participating probably kept your class calmer in the end.

    Happy Constitution Day. Apparently.

  2. They'd been calm all week. Silent. They deserved to cut loose a little.


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