Friday, August 29, 2008

Cell Phone Patrol

I believe that I've mentioned the classroom cell phone problem before. The students are supposed to leave them turned off and put away. Mostly, they sneak around with them, thinking that I don't see.

Today I was at the continuation high school. Being Friday, it was kind of a lazy day for them. Those that had been on task all week got to work on extra credit. Those that weren't had to finish up the work they hadn't done. Neither group felt like doing what they were supposed to be doing. So, I was on cell phone patrol.

Oh, the looks I got! This girl had her cell phone out on her desk. "But I'm not doing anything." She wasn't. But a teenage girl with a cell phone in easy reach continuing not to use said cell phone? Not likely.

Then another girl drew my attention. She was frantically texting away (at least she was hiding the phone inside her purse, but the motions are pretty distinctive). So, when she was questioned on this, I got the full story.

Someone was in her house. Her mother was out of town. Her friend was "crashing" there until she got off school (with permission) and the friend contacted the girl to say that some unknown person was in the house. The girl was frantic.

Some things were easier without cell phones. The girl wouldn't have even heard about this incident until she got home. All she could do at school was worry, because she wouldn't call the police.

I suggested having her friend call the police. The look I got! It was as if I had suggested dousing her house in cow manure.

I will, of course, never know how this turns out. I left a heads-up for the teacher. By the time I see the girl again, this will have all blown over.

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