Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking Out the Trash

I was minding my own business. It was a simple trip. I went out through the garage, hit the dumpster to throw out the trash, and then I continued on. It is easier to continue through the garage and complete the circuit to the mailboxes. I've done this many times.

I ran into a neighbor who was just getting home. We greeted each other as I passed through the gate to the courtyard. I passed by the spa on the right as I usually do. Nothing at all was out of the ordinary.

I followed the sidewalk to where it turned to the left, and that's when I saw it. The skunk. It was standing on the elevated bricks which framed the well-kept up garden. It was facing me. The white stripe along its back and up its tail were very distinctive. It was sort of scrunched up, and its tail was in the air.

I admit it. I ran. It was mere feet to the gate to the outside where the mailboxes are. I got there quickly, and then in my panic I tried to open the gate in when it actually opened out. I figured out what I had done, and then got through the gate quickly.

Luckily, I was making a circuit, so I didn't have to return the way I had come. After I retrieved my mail I stayed on the other side of the fence, although the skunk could have easily gone through and come after me. Not likely, I know, but I walked quickly anyway.

Yes, I know I am a wuss. I want to stay stink-free.

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