Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time Shifted

I just got caught up. But now the TV is off, so I'm officially behind again. Sigh.

I've been trying to watch the Olympics. The DVR is set. Last Friday is where the problem began. I was not going to stay up past midnight to finish off the opening ceremony, so that got pushed to Saturday. Then Saturday there was so much on that some of that got pushed to Sunday. But by Sunday night I was nearly caught up.

Monday was where it all went wrong. By Tuesday I was two days behind (still watching Sunday's events). I remained two days behind all week.

The lovely thing about the DVR is that I can buzz through commercials and all the stuff that I don't really want to see. But when I'm two days behind (and trying to avoid any headlines that would spoil the drama of the event), suddenly what I don't want to see turns into what I don't need to see. Heats. Semi-finals. The beginning of the race.

I suppose I should just give it up. But I'm too stubborn for that. I just anticipate another week being two days behind. So, don't tell me who gets the gold. I don't want to know yet.

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