Thursday, August 14, 2008


I just can't face the cabinet under the sink right now. So, I'm taking a break.

I've been emptying the kitchen in preparation for the upcoming demo. Yesterday I was able to get five cabinets emptied. It's a small kitchen, so that's good progress. Today my goal is to empty four more. I've completed two.

I don't drink alcohol. Never have. When we moved into this place seven years ago, we didn't bring a drop of booze with us. So, I was rather astonished to find seven bottles hiding in a cabinet today. Seven?

Three bottles of rum. One bottle of vodka. There was some wine. I'm not sure what the other two bottles were. And all of them were unopened.

I had all the contents of that cabinet out on the counter. Slowly I found temporary homes for everything, and then I was left to stare at the booze. Where was I going to stash it? I didn't have room in my temporary pantry (wire racks in the living room). I was kind of lost for a bit.

Then I realized that I would just put it where I'm putting all the other stuff that I'm not going to need for the duration of construction--in a box out of the way. Blindingly obvious, sure. But I'm a little punchy at the moment.

I'm so punchy I had to put stickers on all the empty cabinets. I kept looking at them and thinking, "I've got to empty that one, and that one...". No, those are actually done.

Right, so I should get to the stuff under the sink. I'll feel better when that's done.

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