Friday, August 22, 2008

A Waste of Paper

We just got another bill from the cable company. It seems like they send us one every month. It's weird, because we got rid of cable and got a satellite dish in 2004.

The cable company was horrible. I have stories about missed service appointments and service appointments that they showed up for but forgot to tell me about (so I was not home when they arrived). They got rid of the Sci Fi Channel in the middle of a "Stargate SG1" season, but we could not upgrade to the package that had it because our complex was not wired for digital. And the complex didn't get wired for digital until two years later. And I'd better stop now or I'm going to start screaming again.

They were horrible. We fired them. We love DirecTV. (And by the number of satellite dishes in the area, I don't think our horrible experiences were unique.)

But here's the thing. Our condo complex has a deal going with the evil cable company--a monopoly thing. (So, they have the monopoly, but they don't upgrade the service? Let me move on before I start ranting.) And somehow, our home still has an account.

There is no name on the account (it's addressed to "RESIDENT RESIDENT"). The bill is for $0.

We get three pages mailed to our address. So, they're wasting money (paper, postage, time, computer space, etc.) sending us a bill every month. See why we got rid of these idiots?

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