Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I covered a senior class today.

I think I've been subbing too long. Today's group? I met many of them in 7th grade. I remember doing battle with some in the 8th grade. I was there when they took the CAHSEE in the 10th grade. And now they're seniors.

They know me too. I know they weren't listening when I did my introduction bit (I know because many were talking over me), but when they needed to ask me a question, they asked me by name. Not, "Hey, sub." Not, "How do you say your name?" Nope. They called me by my name, pronounced correctly, and I doubt they even noticed that I had my name on the board.

It was a very strange feeling. However, it was very easy for me to leave names of misbehavers. I knew who was who, even if they were in the wrong seats.

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