Friday, February 15, 2008

Schoolwide TV

"Oooh, there's Jose," the girl said.

"Which Jose?" her friend asked. "There are a couple of them."

To which I had to interject, "There are several Joses on the soccer team."

"The one with the pretty eyes," the first girl replied.

That doesn't exactly narrow it down for me.

It was an exciting day at the high school. They have a TV production (and screenwriting) class, and about every quarter they produce a short television show. It is broadcast throughout the school during specific periods. Teachers have the option of showing or not showing it.

I like to see it. Unless the teacher has specifically instructed me not to show it, I do. Occasionally I get to sub for the class, and it's interesting to me to see them working on the show and then see the final product. It's amateurish but entertaining.

In the above incident, soccer team highlights were showing. It seems I can't escape those guys.

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