Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dead Battery

This happened on Friday.

After school I did my grocery shopping. I left school, drove to the store, went inside, and did my shopping. I only needed a couple things, so I was quickly on my way. I got into my car, turned the ignition, and everything went wacko.

The electrical stuff in the car turned on like it was supposed to, but when I tried to start the engine, I lost all power. Then I heard a clicking noise. Then my alarm went off.

It took way too long to get the alarm to stop sounding. I attracted the notice of the others in the parking lot. Then I tried to get the car to start again, and again I had to deal with the stupid alarm. Alarm, but nothing else.

My battery was dead.

Well, I have AAA and a cell phone, so I called for help. And I waited.

Turns out that I should have replaced my battery two years ago. Oops. Luckily, AAA now has battery service, so the driver replaced my battery then and there. That saved me from having to drive around on a Friday evening looking for an open place to install a new battery.

Now I have to reset my car stereo. Losing power wiped all of my settings.

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