Friday, February 29, 2008


First thing this morning, there was a knock on the classroom door. They were going to be painting the front of the classroom, and they wanted to know if the students could use the back entrance. I didn't see a problem with that.

This classroom had this huge panel of windows in the front from the ceiling to half way down the wall. They let a lot of light in. They also gave us a front row seat to the painters' work.

First period had no problems with them. Well, they had a few, like having to go around to the back door for a change and listening to the painters prep the area for the paint. But they got over this quickly. (These were 10th graders, so that's why the small change to their routine didn't worry me.) Then second period came in (and these were 11th graders).

A couple girls freaked out. They said that it seemed like one of the painters was watching them too closely. One girl said it looked like the painter was looking through her. To me it looked like he was examining the area and making sure everything got sanded properly.

So, I offered to close the blinds. I have never seen students move that fast. As soon as I volunteered the solution, two of them had jumped up and closed them. The girls thanked me. That solved the problem.

Well, I'm glad to be of service.

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