Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I so dream for these days. I hope. I scheme. I look for them every day. And then it happens.

6th period prep!!!

I am a sub. I don't need to prepare. So, when I cover for a teacher who has 6th period prep, I get to go home early (while getting paid for the full day).

I saw that two teachers were not covered today, but the secretary had covered their 6th periods with other subs. I was going to get an early day. Yeah!

I got through my day (8th grade science). I packed my stuff. I left my note. Then after the bell (6th period had started) I headed for the office. The secretary was getting out my time sheet, and I was just about home free when...

The secretary got a call over her radio. The cheer squad was missing its sub. Apparently there had been a mix up. The person who was supposed to cover that didn't show or wasn't told and was now busy. The secretary looked up at me...


On the bright side--at least I got an extra period's pay.

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