Thursday, October 1, 2020


All of last week in the English classes, I was dealing with the testing. (I already explained about the testing here and some of the issues we had here.) Because the classes are co-taught, it was easier to split off those who still needed to complete the test and continue class as normal for those who had finished. 

Our testing window (the time the district allotted us to complete all the testing) was closing the following week, so a few students who had been absent needed to come to complete the testing outside of class time. (There's an hour a day set aside for teachers to meet with students for any issues they might be having with the assignments.)

Alas, the students aren't showing up for that hour even though we've been telling them they have to. 

Friday. I'd set up a test session just for all the students in all the periods who needed to complete the test. The "office hour" arrived, and one student showed up. 

Well, one is better than none. And Bennet only had three questions left, so it wasn't going to take him all that long to finish. 

Ms. W went to log him into the test, but she came up with an error message. Apparently, he was still logged into the reading test given by another teacher (his health teacher). 

Ms. W asked Bennet to log out of that test, only he couldn't, because he was no longer actively taking the test. 

It took us a half hour of trying everything to figure out what happened. The health teacher never ended Bennet's test, so Bennet couldn't log into a different test. And we couldn't contact the health teacher as he wasn't working on campus and no one had his home phone number. (The teachers that usually work together have cell phone numbers and such, but this health teacher isn't among their friend group.)

This testing thing has been a big fat pain in the behind. And the ones paying for it are the diligent students who are doing what we ask of them.


  1. Oh my...that is so frustrating. I am surprised that one has no access to teacher's phones from the school.

    1. I'm sure someone has the phone number, but by the time they locate it, it's been 20 more minutes, and we're already a half hour into an hour "office hours".

  2. Seems like pretty typical school BS.

  3. Its good there are still diligent students even in the midst of virtual learning. I bet you'll be glad when it is all done with the testing!


  4. What a pain is right! I hate computer glitches at home I couldn't imagine having one at a school where my swearing skills could not be on display... :)

  5. It's often the diligent who lose out. I guess in the circumstances you just have to be grateful schooling can at least move forwards in some capacity.


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