Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I was covering this middle school special ed math class for two days. The lovely thing about special ed classes is that they have instructional aides (IA) who are generally very helpful. On these days Ms. S was teaching the class.

Ms. S was going over something with the students when I noticed Ricardo. He had his head down on his desk. I went over to him and politely requested that he sit up and do what Ms. S was asking of the students.

Ricardo ignored me, not budging from his position. He could have been sound asleep for all the movement he made.

Again, I tried to get his attention. But Ms. S shook her head. Let him be.

A bit later, Ms. S explained the situation.

Ricardo was not well pleased to be in this math class. He had previously been in sixth period...

(I covered this sixth period once. It did not go well.)

...but because sixth period was such a handful, the teacher had managed to get a student transferred into a different period.

Ricardo had been rebelling previously. He had only just gotten to almost acceptance, Ms. S explained. But having his head on his desk was much better than what he could have been doing.

There's a reason I usually let sleeping dogs lie...

Did you ever fall asleep in class? Would you have liked to be transferred out of a wild class?

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  1. Hi Liz -I can see the sense in letting sleeping dogs lie - much easier all round - cheers Hilary

  2. Things that wouldn't have been tolerated in my day. Believe me, I would have slept through some classes if I could've gotten away with it.

  3. I wish I could have fallen asleep in class. I envy people who are capable of just dropping off. If I could have, I so would have.

  4. I never have fallen asleep, but wished often that I could. In one class in college during the lecture, I gazed at his desk and wished that I could just lay down for awhile.

  5. I never fell asleep in class. I did come close, once, but not in hgih school. The very first week of my first semester in law school. I had mono, my throat was so sore I could barely swallow, I had a fever, body aches, etc., but I was afraid to miss class, so I dragged my sorry self to the lecture hall. right after class I went back to the dorm and called my mom to come get me.

  6. haha....tried to hide behind a book to doze from time to time but teachers back then in the 70s did not allow that sort of thing to happen. I book being dropped on the floor can appear really loud to someone trying to sleep! haha...

  7. I always read story books hidden in study books in class!

  8. I could not do your job. ~nods~ I like how Nas replied!

  9. Wow, better have him take a nap than disrupting your class?

    The only time I almost fell asleep at school was one bright morning. We closed all the blinds so the geography teacher could show us his slides. He wasn't the most lively presenter, in other words, it was super boring. I had the hardest time not to doze off...

    1. I'd rather he didn't take a nap. But the aide said to leave him be. I'll take her word for it.

  10. First, I want to say I love your letters which I know you used last year but I still liked them. Ah sleep..In Class? Oh yes, I did and one I remember quite well was French class because I was dreaming and Someone in my dream kept calling my name but as I stirred, I realized it was my miserable ass of a teacher. He asked me for the answer, I looked at him dumbfoundedly, because I knew he knew I didn’t know. So I just said, “you know I don’t know the answer.” He made a joke about me where the other kids laughed and I just stared at him.


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