Wednesday, March 28, 2018


On Friday, Palmer slipped out of class about two minutes before the bell. It was the class right before lunch.

When a class lines up at the door before the bell, I get wary. I watch. Most of the time I urge them to sit, but sometimes my instructions are ignored, especially if they're used to lining up.

I didn't see Palmer leave, but when he did, others in the class commented. And I heard. I took a quick roll and figured out who was gone.

Normally I'd make a note of this and move on. But I was returning Monday...

Early in the period on Monday, I gently chided Palmer for leaving early. He admitted it. I asked, "You'll make this up today, right?" He agreed.

At the end of the period I reminded him. He said he remembered.

And he did. He didn't fuss and he didn't protest. I kept him long enough to "make up" for the time he missed on Friday.

Normally I'd've still made a note of this. But I appreciated not having to fight him. So, I let that be the end of it.

If only the kiddos realized how easy it is to get out of my note...


  1. Slipping out early is a thing? Gosh. Was he like really hungry or something and wanted to be first in line for lunch?

    1. He might have wanted to be first in line for lunch, but not necessarily because he was hungry. A lot of time they just want to slip out early.

  2. Thought he’d gotten away with it, but graciously accepted the consequences, didn’t he?

  3. Hi Liz - at least he was reasonable ... cheers Hilary

  4. If he owed up to it and stayed to make up the time, consider it a miracle and move on.

  5. Glad he chose not to give you a hard time. Kudos to him!

  6. Good for you and him! Thank you for the grin by commenting on my adoration of Palaye Royale. They are easy to stalk. Now they have started a tour vlog on Youtube. Heh... And my hairdresser, a long time gal pal of bands (never a groupie, by the way; she's just super gregarious) suggested I drive to the back of the venue where they will likely be parked! Don't know if I have the nerve. But I look forward to the show, whatever happens. Be well, my dear.

  7. Maybe there was a good hot lunch being served that day and he wanted to get there early, but then on Monday there was nothing worth staying for.

  8. Well for ways that could end that's not too bad. Glad he didn't give you any extra trouble.

  9. Hey that's a win!

  10. I am impressed that he stayed and no fussing or ugly comments. Not wanting to high five bad behavior I am going to at least do a high five (in TN) for him for staying with no issues.

  11. The other kids always dob don't they! Good on him for not making a fuss when he had to make it up.


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