Monday, December 15, 2014

Grammar Check

English class at the continuation high school. Before they read the assigned story, they were to practice the highlighted vocabulary by using each term in an original sentence.

I'm not sure what attracted my attention to the two girls. But once they saw that I was paying attention, they enlisted my opinion. Was the sentence that one wrote grammatically correct? The girl who wrote it said it sounded different in her head...
Did him rolling his eyes at me imply he didn't want to listen to me talk anymore?
Um... I'm not sure. The girl arguing said that the "him" should be "he", but that I know is wrong. So, the girl who wrote the sentence was vindicated there.

I think it's okay, but I'm not sure (which is how I answered the girls). When I look at it now, I think perhaps "him" should be "his" instead.

So, what say you? What do you think? Is this sentence correct? Or how can it be fixed?


  1. When he rolled his eyes at me.... sounds better to me:) I never was great in grammar:)

  2. I would change it to 'the'. 'Did the rolling of his eyes at me'. When I get stuck on a sentence I tend to change the entire thing. 'I wondered if his eye rolling implied he was tired of listening to me.'

    1. Yeah, "the" might make the whole thing flow better. And yeah, she probably should have just rewritten the thing.

  3. I think it is grammatically correct, but it does read weird for some reason. Ugh, grammar. I never was that good at it.

  4. I think "his" flows better than "him" but I'm not good at grammar either.


  5. I think it should be "Did his rolling of his eyes.." but it is a tricky sentence.


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