Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Wet

The assignment was for two days in a special ed middle school math class. During the rainstorm.

Did you hear? We had rain in SoCal. For two days. It was a nightmare.

(No, actually, it was kind of nice. We really need the rain, and so long as you weren't on the roads, near a burn area, near a potential mudslide area, or near an area prone to flooding, it was kind of nice to watch the water fall.)

Fifth period. The boys were all soaked.

Um, why?

Now, I get wet. Our schools are open to the elements, so when students go from class to class, they do so outside. No buildings. No hallways. Walkways. Open. With few overhangs.

But this wet was more than that.

"We were jumping in the puddles."

Of course.


  1. They have to go outdoors to get to the next class? That sucks. But yeah, sounds like they enjoy it!

    1. Yep. It's how the schools are built around here.

  2. Jumping in puddles...I think that's why they never allowed us to go outside after it rained. I wonder if those kids had any regrets sitting in soaking wet clothes all day.

  3. What are boys to do but jump in puddles...I think they are programmed that way when they leave the womb

  4. Since rain has been so few and far between, the chance to jump in puddles must be taken, no matter when it occurs :)


  5. Rain makes my students go crazy because we hardly ever see it. It usually comes at the beginning of the school year when they have brand new shoes which they ruin by... jumping in puddles!

    1. Same here. We get rain infrequently enough that when it occurs, everything goes haywire.

  6. When I first moved to the East, I bought some very fancy rubber boots. It's been quite rainy here the past couple of days. Yesterday I had errands, so I put on my uber waterproof boots, and yes, I jumped in puddles. Even when I could avoid the pools in the sidewalk, I didn't.

    Far be it from me to cast stones… :)

    VR Barkowski


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