Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few Little Items...

I know I mentioned these before, but now that we're in full Christmas shopping mode (now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over), I thought I'd put these out there again in hopes that I might entice you to do a little of your Christmas shopping with me...

Monogrammed Gift Card Holder
Can be made in several different colors and with any initial you choose.

EOS Lip Balm Holder
Available in 14 different colors.

Cell Phone Pyramid Pillow Prop
A little something for a cell phone. It sure beats holding it!

Lacy Fingerless Texting Gloves
Because they're fun. And not too heavy.

Water Bottle Carrier
This one's in blue, but I have multiple colors in the shop.

Small Tablet Cover/Cozy
These fit most mini tablets and larger ereaders.

And for you, my blogging buddies, I'm offering $2 off any purchase over $10 (which only excludes the EOS Lip Balm Holder, and only if you buy one). Use the coupon code GIFTCARDLOG. 

So, how's your Christmas shopping going? Have you started? (I haven't...)  


  1. I love the small tablet cozy. If only I had a tablet to put IN it.

    Christmas shopping...still a work in progress. I need to spend less time revising and more time shopping!

    1. Yeah, I need to cracking on the Christmas shopping myself...

  2. I am almost finished! I just have to get one more item so i feel pretty good!! These are quite neat and please remind me and i will be interested in buying the gift card holders for next year:) I have to wait until after Christmas due to my budgeting style. I keep myself on a tight one

  3. I keep telling myself I'll start "tomorrow". I'm sure that will be true one of these days.

  4. Everything you make is really nice! I have so few to shop for and usually do gift cards, haven't started yet but realized 3 weeks from tomorrow is Christmas. How did that happen?


  5. Our school term finishes tomorrow Liz so I'll be starting my shopping after that. Gosh you're a talented lady.

    1. Our semester doesn't end until January. Strange, I know.


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