Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Once upon a time, I had a blog over on MySpace. Remember MySpace? Anyway, I had several technical difficulties (such as going to hit publish for a post and having the whole thing disappear), so I switched over to Blogger, where I've never had a whole post disappear on me never to be seen again.  

Eventually I deleted the MySpace account. Then, one day I went to link to a previous blog post only to discover that the post I remembered had been on the MySpace blog. Oops. While many of the posts were best forgotten, there were a few that I liked. And that's how my repost Tuesdays were born.  

At this point, I've reposted most of the posts that I remembered fondly. Now I'm on a mission to repost everything. (Okay, not really everything. There are several really stupid posts that I'm not going to bother with.) I'm nearly there.  
This post is originally from June 12, 2007. 

The lesson plan said to take the class to the library and the librarian would instruct the class. 12th graders. AP English. It's the end of the year, so they're done. It didn't even occur to me until they said it, "He's going to put us to work". Yep.

The librarian wanted them to pack up the books. The library is going to get redone over the summer (paint, new carpet, the works), but first the library has to get cleared.

The first group jumped right in (well, after some encouragement). They didn't really want to work, but they made good headway. Then the next class came in. And they whined.

"But we're AP. We shouldn't have to do manual labor."

Boo-hoo. Poor babies. Cry me a river.

I was an AP student. And after high school I had a job in retail. I've moved, so I've had to pack. And most of them will encounter such tasks later in their lives. So, I had no sympathy. Besides, getting up and doing some physical work is a nice break from the usual subbing day.

But then they got a really good system going. They got a lot done. And so now I'm beat, but it's a good sort of beat. I got a good workout today.

The library turned out really nice. It was more of a face lift than an overhaul, but it was sorely needed.  

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