Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exploring Earth?

Have you heard the theory that certain building blocks of life made it to Earth via comets and the like?

For today's off-the-wall question, this is the starting off point. Assume that what grew into life was seeded by various comets, asteroids, meteorites, and other space debris. Okay, then...

What if that space debris was seeded by another civilization as a way to explore other worlds that those beings couldn't get to?

(I'm turning off Through the Wormhole now...)


  1. Did you see the episode of Through the Wormhole last night that explored resurrection and the fact that scientists and doctors may be close to being able to turn off the death signal in our cells? I was thinking to myself that immortality may be within reach.

  2. I heard that theory and I think that's a great point you make. As far as we know, traveling between solar systems would take so long that generations would die in the time it took to reach another place with life. But a comet that has the seeds of life with it doesn't have to worry about mortality.


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