Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Cut it out, Gary Glitter."

I did it! I finally reposted all the old posts from the now defunct MySpace blog. Yeah! Now what am I supposed to do with Tuesdays?  

Well, this blog has been going for a while. And I have followers now. (When I started, not so much.) So, I'm going to find some posts that got missed and repost them. This was originally posted on October 9, 2007.

It was 6th period. The 7th grader in the seat to my right was humming "Rock and Roll, Part 2" through his rolled up assignment. I expected a quizzical look. I got nothing. (He hadn't heard me.)

You know the song. It's the one that they play at basketball games.

Since the boy hadn't heard me, I repeated myself. "You didn't get that reference, did you?" I asked. He hadn't. Why would he? He doesn't remember the '70's. He was born in 1995!

I found out that he's in the middle school band--a trumpet player. They learn a couple songs that they play all the time. One is "Louie, Louie" (yes, that "Louie, Louie"). The other is a song they call "The Hey Song". That one would be "Rock and Roll, Part 2".

I know this because I have subbed for the band. Luckily, there was a very nice man who rehearsed the group (so I didn't end up with chaos). And that's where I learned about the band's repertoire.

Did I get the boy to stop humming? Well, no.


  1. Nice going. Now I'm humming "Louie Louie" to the tune of Rock & Roll Part Two. They go together surprisingly well.

    I think I still have a myspace page.

    1. You still have a myspace page? Do you visit it? (I deleted mine so I wouldn't be tempted to.)

  2. I like Gary Glitter songs at sports events. I wonder if he could have ever foreseen how they would be played by bands everywhere.

  3. Once you showed you knew about music, he may have thought he was entertaining you. :)

    I have the Leibster blogging award for you on my blog. :)


  4. It's interesting how references can get lost through generations and different decades have their unique traits, even within the same culture.

  5. that is quite the outfit he has on...


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