Monday, July 23, 2012

Boring T-Shirts

Last week, I helped my sister-in-law did some sorting/downsizing in her home (read: I held the trash bag). While she was going through various stuff, she found some plain white t-shirts (kids' sizes) and a tie-dye kit. A project that never got off the ground.

One of the things I like to repin on Pinterest is t-shirt tutorials. There are all sorts of clever people who have come up with ways to take a boring old t-shirt and turn it into something interesting.

My sewing skills are rudimentary. I've made a couple superhero capes. I've lined purses that I knit. But I have a sewing machine, and I'm willing to learn.

So, I volunteered my services. I said that if she and my niece would tie-dye the shirts, I'd turn them into something fun.

I went to the board...and discovered that I only have 6 choices. That may seem like a lot, but I thought I had a dozen or more. Oops.

So, anyway... Anyone seen any interesting t-shirt upcycle projects online? I'm open to suggestions. And which of the ones I have pinned do you think I should try?


  1. I haven't seen any, but if I do, I shall send them your way :)

  2. Most of the ones you've pinned are just "Let's cut this shirt a different way."

    How about combining shirts? Like those football jerseys where they sew together two teams. You could make a long-sleeve hooded t-shirt out of several smaller t-shirts.

    Or pillow cases. Old tshirts are supercomfortable, so if you sewed them into a pillow case, that'd be okay. (If you have a lot, maybe make them into a slipcover for a chair?)

    That's what I've got, anyway. But if I could have my old "Spring Break 92" shirts as a pillow case or slipcover instead of having had them thrown out, I'd love it.


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