Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out of Class

This is not so much a repost as a missed post. As I pared down some of my stacked paperwork, I found notes for a blog post I meant to write. I figured now was as good a time as any.  

Some teachers like detailed notes from their subs. I came up with a grid system. One of my grids is for listing which students were out of class. Usually, this becomes a list of who used the restroom (there've been times when I needed it). This day, the list was slightly more interesting.

The first girl to request a pass asked to go to the library. She had all her books with her (this is an unusual occurrence). Obviously, she needed to return her textbooks. I wondered why, so I asked. She explained that this day was her last. She was being sent to the continuation high school.

I made sure to get her name. I told her to say hi to her first teacher. I'd be seeing her around.

Then I got a phone call. I was to send another girl to her IEP meeting. (IEP stands for individual education plan. It's a special ed thing.)

Later in the day, security came by. All the security person had to do was open the door and the student grabbed her stuff and bounded out of the room. I got the feeling that the student expected to be removed from class. She did not return.

Then finally I got another call. It was the attendance office. The lady asked me if a student had showed me her off-campus pass. She had not.

There are fences around the entire campus. A student can't leave without permission. And the student has to pass through the attendance office. They have a pass for this. All a student has to do is to show me this pass, and I will allow that student out of class. Usually, the student is a bit anxious to leave and will try to leave just a little bit early.

So, I was surprised by the call. The attendance lady told me to tell the student to run. Apparently, she was now late for some appointment. Oops.

Any day I might have one of these types of students out of class. But four in one day? That was different.

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  1. You have an important job function though. It sounds like you are a hub of communication and without you, thinks could get crazy. I think the administration should give you a raise for the hard work that you do. Feel free to forward this comment to them so that they act upon it.


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