Thursday, July 26, 2012

Power Outage

Last Tuesday, the power went out. There was no good reason for this. (The company's message said "equipment failure".) It wasn't terribly hot out. There were no storms in the area. But at about 4:30 PM--POOF! Out.

It was an inconvenience. They had power restored in three hours. I missed a couple TV shows. No big deal.

But it's Thursday, so I'm going to turn this mundane happening and go crazy with it.

Imagine you're living on a colony on the moon or Mars or in a space ship someplace. What would happen if the power fails? 

I think about things like this. This is why I would not make a good candidate for one of these crews. That, and I'm a big wuss.


  1. If the power fails in a hostile environment, then most likely you are dead. But everyone dies, right? If you believe in heaven, then it's a doorway to an afterlife filled with goodies.

  2. Yes. It would be very bad if the power went out somewhere like that. Kind of like crossing the streams (and if we remember that resulted in the giant stay puff marshmallow man).

  3. I wouldn't do well on one of those crews either. I'm a big enough baby when the power goes out here. If I was stuck in space or a colony...well, I'd like to think I wouldn't freak out but I'm sure I would.


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