Tuesday, January 3, 2012

About a Cell Phone

New year, and nothing to say. What else is new?  

Several years ago, I started my blog on MySpace. After a few too many technical glitches, I moved my blog over here, but I didn't move the old posts. From time to time, I like to repost these old ones. I originally wrote this on January 23, 2007. 

Cell phones are not allowed at school. Well, technically they're allowed as long as they're put away. The actual rule states:
Students may not use or display cell phones during the regular school day... Cell phones must remain out of sight and powered 'OFF' throughout the school day. Failure to comply with any portion of this policy will result in immediate confiscation of the cell phone...

I don't generally make an issue of it unless they do. One time I was having a terrible time with this 5th period--they were turning off the lights after I told them not to (no windows--pitch black room), throwing things that hit me, and generally being as horrible as they could. Just as I almost got them settled, a cell phone rang. I confiscated it. It was the principle of the thing.

But that's an extreme case. Usually, someone has a phone out, and I remind them that visible or audible cell phones are fair game for confiscation, and the offending piece of equipment magically vanishes. Case closed. No sweat.

Today I covered a French class. They had crossword puzzles using food vocabulary (well, that was for French I; French II, III, & VI had other work). It was a pretty dry assignment, so they were talking as well. A typical day for me. And then the cell phone issue came up.

"Want to see my cell phone?" a student asked the class one student at a time. This "cell phone" got passed around the room. He called it a Blackberry, and other students marveled at its access--he had MySpace on it.

Of course I got a look at it. He had drawn a sort of phone looking thing on a fourth of a piece of paper. Freshmen!

Remember when Blackberries were the big thing? Remember when everyone was on MySpace? This wasn't that long ago, but in some ways it was.

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  1. Clever kid. I once knew a guy that would ask if girls would want to see a cock that hung below his knee. See...he had a tattoo of a rooster that was upside down just below the knee...


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