Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Knitting

My niece got a Kindle for Christmas. Of course she needed a cover for it.

Something has happened to ereaders since I designed my cozy--they've gotten smaller. So, while her Kindle fit into the cozy I have, it had a bit too much wiggle room for my taste. The cozy should fit snugly.

My nook fits snugly in this:
New Nook Cozy

Time for a redesign.

Initially, I thought I would just make something that was a bit shorter. But as long as I was doing that, I might as well pick a different cable, something that was a bit narrower. I looked through my stitch dictionaries. And then I found it.

Purple Kindle Cozy

(Apologies for the lack of quality photo. I couldn't get the lighting right.)

There are so many cable patterns out there. I might as well try something new.

I started it on Friday. I finished it Sunday afternoon. I'm rather pleased with the result.

What do you think?


  1. What I think is that I want the pattern!!! I can knit but only with a pattern, I've never designed anything in my life. And this is absolutely lovely!

  2. Three days? Amazing. I love the purple. It's slightly different pattern looks nice. What a great way to cover your Nook.

  3. It's really pretty! If I get an ereader, I may be contacting you.

  4. These are way cuter than my Kindle cover!


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