Thursday, January 12, 2012

What If? Hearing Voices

It is again Thursday, and I have nothing interesting to report. (I'm not going to bore you with more talk of my knitting. Besides, I'm in the middle of a few things, but nothing ready to photograph.) So, instead I'm going to pose another one of my "what if?" thoughts.

What if schizophrenics really are psychic? What if the voices that they hear are actual voices? Voices from beyond?

But just because they're real doesn't mean that they should be listened to.

There are people in the world who are good at finding followers. These are the ones that can talk anyone into anything. Some become politicians. Some go into sales. Some start cults. Some of these individuals have ideals. They are striving for the greater good. But some of these people are dangerous.

Now, imagine a person like that who is not alive, or at least not part of the plane of existence that we consider real. Most of the world can't hear him/her/it. But our schizophrenic individual can. And this disembodied voice now has someone to talk to.

(Kind of sounds like a horror movie.)

What do you think? Do I have way too much time on my hands? Perhaps I should spend my time pondering other things.


  1. I really enjoy your ponderings. It's definitely an interesting idea. Saying that your idea is true, it would make sense that some people are more susceptible to the negative thoughts than others, just like some people are more vulnerable to cult leaders than others. It would definitely make a good horror story.

  2. I think those were the "prophets" people listened to during the time of the Pharisees (period when Jesus popped up as one of the prophets) and maybe even during the Great Awakenings. I have to say, I believe most religions got started that way.

  3. My mom is schizophrenic. Listening to her for any length of time is tiring and droll. I could never actively sit around and encourage the idea that any of those insane voices she hears are real. She needs to be in a nursing home.

  4. By any chance, is this "What if?" inspired by Crazy? Life would be so much easier if I could chalk it up to psychic abilities! ;)

  5. Yeah that idea actually gives me goosebumps. :-D


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