Saturday, January 28, 2012

Edited for Content

One thing I do a lot as a sub is to play videos for classes.

Yesterday, I covered a 7th grade history class. The teacher left them a movie. It was sort of related to what they were studying, but it was more for fun than for study. It was rated PG-13.

The students were so excited when they saw the rating. They thought they were going to see something they shouldn't.

The teacher has an interesting DVD player. It's a ClearPlay device. It filters out all the objectionable bits. When the students claimed that I should select the non-filtered play, I knew to ignore them. (I wonder if they ever get away with that.)

All day, I heard students complain. "My mom lets me say that at home." Well, great. You shouldn't have to hear it at school.

Then, in 6th period, I got a surprise. After the rating flashed, one girl came up to talk to me. She didn't think she should remain in class for a movie with a PG-13 rating. She didn't want to see anything that showed blood.

At that point I had seen the first 50 minutes of the movie four times (plus I had seen the whole movie before), and I knew there was nothing that the girl needed to be concerned about. I explained what she would see, and I also assured her that the objectionable bits had been filtered.

(If I had had any worries on this score, I would have let her go to another room. I won't keep a student in class when they have those kinds of concerns.)

She stayed in class. After, I asked her if she had seen anything that she found objectionable. She said no.

I'm glad the filtering did its job.


  1. Ah, yes. Edited for content school movies. Those were sure...well, at least they weren't school work.

    Interesting about the DVD player. I never knew there was one that could filter stuff out like that. It seems perfect for a school.


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