Monday, January 23, 2012

Background Noise


Okay, he wasn't shouting, exactly, but it felt kind of like shouting when he spoke loudly in a silent classroom. Yep, the room was silent, and the student couldn't handle it.

It was that kind of day. Fairly mellow. I didn't go after the headphones.

A strange thing happens when teens plug in their music players. Or perhaps you won't find this so strange. They put on their headphones, turn on their music, open their books, and get lost in their own little worlds. And do their work. It's kind of miraculous.

I'm not supposed to allow them to listen to their music in class. But half the class was plugged into their mp3 players, and they were working. So, I let them be. It made my day much easier.

I wish those that make the rules would change this one.


  1. Sounds miraculous! It's amazing that it only takes a little gadget to get some people to focus (especially teenagers).

  2. It really is a rule that should be changed. Music helps people concentrate. It's a fact. Plus it makes for a quiet class!


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