Friday, July 22, 2011

Modern Games

It was Monday. Or Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday. Oh bother. This past week has completely run together. What day is this, anyway?

I was watching Blondie, Detritus, and the baby. I think I was watching the baby's show, or perhaps I was tracking the baby as he tried to get into anything that he wasn't supposed to have (because it would have been too easy if he only played with that he was allowed to have). Blondie and Detritus were keeping themselves busy, so it took a moment before I started listening to their game.

Blondie had her Nintendo DS. Detritus had a toy cell phone. Blondie pretended her DS was a cell phone, and she was getting a text from somebody or she was texting her mother or both. Then Detritus took off his shirt ("I'm hot"), and Blondie "snapped a picture" of him.

Blondie: "I just emailed that to all your friends. Now I'm putting it on Facebook."

Detritus: "I'm putting this on my Facebook." (I'm not sure how Blondie's appearance would have shamed her on Facebook, but Detritus phrased it as a threat.)

Blondie: "I'm deleting your pictures from Facebook and putting up this."

Blondie had "snapped" another shot of the shirtless Detritus. Before Detritus could figure out another threat, I told him that if he perhaps put his shirt back on, Blondie wouldn't have anything to threaten him with.

Threatening to put up embarrassing photos on Facebook. That's a game I didn't play as a kid.


  1. We didn't have any hi-tech ways to embarrass each other, either. It was good old fashioned "I'm going to tell everyone at school you" [enter embarrassing item here].

  2. The joys of public embarrassment. It is interesting how kids play one another from these types of things. Great post. Thanks.


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