Friday, July 29, 2011

Earrings Are Easier

Ah, Friday. The last day of Blondie's Girl Scout troop's summer camp. And I went back again to help them with their knitting badge. (You may recall my attempts on Monday.)

On Wednesday, I scrapped the "bookmark" in favor of the earrings. The pattern is simple. Cast on five stitches. Knit five rows. Bind off. (Then for the second earring, they do the same, except they purl five rows. The badge requires them to learn the knit and purl stitches, but both earrings end up looking the same.)

I figured out what the big problem was. I needed to clone myself.

The girls did fine so long as I stood over them and watched them as they worked. But when I moved on to help another girl, the one who was doing fine under my eye lost her place without me there. And while I watched one girl, three others called for my attention.

But today most had finished earrings one and two, and it was time to install the hardware. This proved to be easy for them.

It was easy. They just had to use a jump ring to attach each swatch to the earring wire. I showed them the big thing (twist the jump ring apart, don't pull), and in about five minutes (they had to share the tools) they were all done.

No wonder jewelry making is the big thing right now. It's much easier to teach than knitting.


  1. I went through a jewelry making phase and it was so great to have something substantial to show for all the effort. It's great you've been eaching your skills!

  2. I've made jewelry a few times--while it is easier than learning the stitches with something like knitting, I still prefer working with yarn and such. :)

  3. I have no experience with earrings. However, I loved the episode in Modern Family where the baby girl got her ears pierced and the two dads freaked out.


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