Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Responsibility Lite

It's been a long three days.  I haven't really talked about the 7th grade history class, and that was on purpose.  I didn't know where to begin.

This is the penultimate week of school.  The kids can smell summer.  And it shows in their behavior.

The assignment for the week was a study guide for their final.  I clearly stated at the beginning of each period what part of the study guide needed to be completed for a stamp on their stamp sheet (this is their credit for having completed the assignment).  I said at the end of each period what I needed to see finished the next day for the stamp.  And yet, I still got arguments.

For Monday they were to have completed the first section (there were four sections total).

"If I finish it for tomorrow, will you give me a stamp?"

They did not understand why I would not give them credit for finishing the assignment late.  Besides the fact that they spent the class period throwing things, running around the room, and just generally goofing off?  I should reward them for playing around for three days?  I don't think so.

Then today I had kids surprised when I actually enforced the same rule.  For today they were to have completed sections two and three, and yet I still got arguments about them not having completed the assignment.

"But you didn't tell me that we had to complete both sections!"

Um, right.  I said it three to four times each period.  It was written on the board.  And it's my fault they didn't know what the assignment was.  Plus, I still got kids asking me to stamp their sheet for Monday's assignment (the one that they didn't finish on Monday).  


It's the age, I think.  They're not accustomed to being held responsible for their actions.  Some of them actually do grow out of it.

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