Monday, June 8, 2009

The New Thing

I noticed them all day, but it wasn't until 6th period that I thought to ask about them.  Everyone, including the boys, was wearing beaded bracelets.  They weren't especially pretty bracelets--they looked like something I could do with some plastic beads and elastic.  

I wasn't sure if it was a 7th grade thing (I hadn't noticed them in other classes) or if it was something new.  I asked where they got them.  One girl admitted that she made some, so apparently it's a middle school crafty thing.  Most of the girls had multiple ones (it looked a bit like the '80's were back) while the boys only wore one (on each wrist).  

I like to see that the kids make things.  At least they do some work.  Today's history assignment...not so much.

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